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The Numerology of Your Name

Reveal how the Numerology of your name influences you
Hans Decoz

Those of you familiar with Numerology know that three of the five core numbers in your Numerology chart come from your full name at birth.

The first is found by adding the numerical value of all the vowels in your name. The second is the sum of all the consonants, and the third is found by adding all the letters, vowels and consonants. Those core numbers are called your Heart's Desire, your Personality and your Expression number, respectively. 

The personalities of numbers, as I have often said, are much like those of people, to the extent that they are influenced by the personalities of those around them, as well as other factors. Your Name Numbers similarly are influenced by each other's characteristics.

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Bridge numbers are so named because they look at the bridge (or the gap) between the core numbers.

Let's use an example. A person by the name of Daenko has a 3 Heart's Desire, an 11/2 Personality, and a 5 Expression.

The Bridge numbers, like all numbers in Numerology that are found by deducting one number from another, uses only single-digit numbers. The 11 Personality is therefore reduced to a 2 -- we ignore the 11.

The Bridge number for the 3 Heart's Desire and the 2 Personality is 1 (found by deducting the smaller from the larger, in this case 2 from 3 is 1). This tells us that the Bridge number 1 represents the main obstacle between Daenko's Personality, the way people tend to see him, and the "real" Daenko, the somewhat hidden qualities showing what he likes and dislikes, and so forth. Individuality, independence, taking charge, the masculine persona, those are the attributes Daenko needs to acquire or strengthen in order to make his inner and outer personality as harmonious as possible. In other words, the 1 represents the potential conflict between his inner and outer persona.

The Bridge number between Daenko's Heart's Desire and his Expression is 2 (again, we deduct the smaller, in this case the 3 Heart's Desire number, from the larger, the 5 Expression, which is 2). This tells us that to help Daenko align his somewhat obscured inner self with his productive life, his range of talents and abilities so to speak, he should learn to be more tactful, sensitive, and aware of the subtle aspects of human interaction, such as body language and facial expressions, not to mention refraining from gossip and thoughtless remarks.

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The gap between his Personality number, the way he acts and behaves, and generally carries himself, and the ability to take full advantage of his talents, is 3 (5 Expression minus 2 Personality). The reason Daenko thus far has not been able to land his dream job may be due, in large part, to the fact that his personality, his presence, is too soft and pliable, and that the way for him to overcome this dilemma is not so much by puffing himself up with macho attributes, but through communication. He needs to be much more forthcoming with his ideas, his wit, his quick intelligence. His 5 Expression tells us that he has those qualities, it's just a matter of opening up his channels and showcasing them when needed. (Self promotion is another of the 5's attributes, but without communication it is useless.)

There are other numbers we can use to recognize positive and negative forces at work among the core numbers, but the Bridge numbers are probably the most important. As one of my clients once told me: "I am not all that interested in my good qualities, I want to know my weaknesses, because those are the things I have to work on."

True enough, of course, but knowing your strengths helps you to take advantage of them. The bottom line is, the better you know yourself, the better your chances are for living a happy, successful, fulfilling life.

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